Prices are dependent on various factors, such as scope, difficulty and legibility of the source
text, investigation and formatting complexity.
All prices are based on the number of lines (55 characters per line, including spaces).
For a general translation: 1,00 € per line.
Difficult or technical translations 1,20 € per line.
The calculation refers to the target text.

Translation of certificates:

All-in price for each certificate depending on the degree of difficulty and formatting complexity.
Certification included.

Language courses and coaching:

Language courses and coaching within the Städtedreieck (Maxhütte-Haidhof, Teublitz, Burglengenfeld) : 35 € for 45 minutes.
Language courses and coaching out of the Städtedreieck: 40 € for 45 minutes.


Prices are dependent on scope and difficulty.


The minimum order value is 25 €.
You can contact me to request a cost estimate.